臺  灣  計  畫 

P R O J E C T  T A I W A N

臺灣計畫旨在促進公民參與理性且有意義的政策討論,期望透過推廣社會議題及獨立思考,結合科技運用面的資源,強化臺灣的審議式民主(Deliberative Democracy)

Project Taiwan seeks to encourage and sustain civic engagement through digital democracy by—on a more fundamental level—cultivating enlightened citizenship.

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Why Civic Engagement?

The disconnect between the people and the actions of the government limit opportunities for meaningful civic engagement.


The average voter who rarely considers questions of cause-and-effect for political decisions will naturally be drawn to populist figures who deceptively deconstruct social issues into language that appeals to the general public. The lack of discussion surrounding the consequences of certain political attitudes and why policies matter all create opportunities for populism.


The knowledge and means to discuss and address social, political, and economic issues in Taiwan should not be limited to the few who have power and access to resources, but to every individual. As citizens of the state, we are stakeholders to our democracy, and if an issue being deliberated on in the government concerns us, we have the right to be informed, and we have the right to provide meaningful input.


Project Taiwan seeks to create conditions that make substantive political discussions a reality for the average Taiwanese citizen. We push for the agenda of “enlightened citizenship” by fighting misinformation, promoting quality education, improving political literacy and boosting civic engagement. 

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