Project Taiwan

Deliberation between opposing perspectives and the path towards convergence; consensus



Project Taiwan was initially launched to capitalize on the potential of the vTaiwan platform, an open-consultation process that brings together experts, government officials, and relevant stakeholders on a national scale for the purpose of deliberating, reaching consensus and crafting legislation.


Digital Minister Audrey Tang provides an ambitious vision for vTaiwan, believing that it may one day become a powerful mechanism that could exist independently of our formal ministers and representatives: 


“Once people get the idea that you don’t need a government to do governance, then people get into the true spirit of collaborative governance. It may take a generation or more for people to see the state as a useful illusion and only use that illusion whenever convenient.”


Project Taiwan hopes to supply social motivation, human capital, and technical support in order to bring Tang’s vision to life. Given time and commitment, we might even live to see Taiwan’s transition into this ideal state of deliberative democracy.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a Taiwanese democracy that incorporates the input of everyday individuals in major policy decisions through deliberative platforms such as vTaiwan.


We seek to encourage the realization of a deliberative democracy in Taiwan, where public debate and discussion is characterized by free public reasoning and equality.

We hope to establish a focus on the democratic process, where citizen participation is valued through deliberation instead of simply through referendums and the election of representatives. 

We embrace the mission to collaboratively develop, implement and promote the means for an average citizen to retrieve authentic information and acquire the necessary skills for decision-making in order to achieve a state of enlightened citizenship. Likewise, we seek to develop and maintain accessible avenues for civic engagement on deliberative platforms.

Our Objectives

The objectives of Project Taiwan involves three core dimensions: 

  1. Disseminating Authentic Information

    • Deconstructing complex social/political/economic issues for public consumption and understanding  

    • Utilizing convenient mediums or channels for the dissemination of information

  2. Developing Skills for Decision-Making

    1. Cultivating the capacity for critical thinking in the average citizen by having them interrogate and consider multiple perspectives 

    2. Holding discussion workshops on the topics of deliberative democracy and media literacy 

    3. Collaborating with existing projects and organization that work to promote civic education

  3. Developing Accessible Avenues for Civic Engagement

    1. Developing and maintaining the vTaiwan platform 

    2. Encouraging participation on the platform through civic outreach opportunities  

    3. Conducting independent research to determine the insufficiencies of or barriers to civic engagement in Taiwan