Our Organizational Structure

Currently, Project Taiwan is working within the framework of a basic organization model.

Board Members | The highest decision-making unit consisting of the initial members and founders of Project Taiwan. In charge of assessing the overall strategy and direction of the organization. Regularly consults the organization leadership team.

Our Sub-Groups

This section is an overview of our current sub-groups; find detailed description for each position in "View More".

If you have find your sub-group/position, join us via "Registration".


Legal and Linguistics

Members of the Legal and Linguistics team include law and linguistics students. Law students are tasked with interpreting and simplifying legal language. Apart from working with legal texts, linguistic experts will be responsible for editing the language of basic texts to ensure that it is most appropriate for a general audience.

Head of Legal and Linguistics  |  Legal Analyst and Writer


Members of the Tech team are currently working on the development of vTaiwan. They will work closely with g0v and vTaiwan developers in making technical changes to the vTaiwan website. In the long-run, they will be responsible for tech-related tasks in the organization.

Head of Tech Crew  |  Coder  |  UI/UX Designer

Marketing and Media

Members in Marketing and Media are responsible for public relations (PR) and the management of our social media pages. They are tasked with devising marketing strategies to promote the publicity of our organization.

Marketing Director

Marketing Consultant  |  Social Media Coordinator 

Digital and Creative Design

The Digital Design department is responsible for generating media and visual content that go along with our content publications and social media posts.

Creative Director 

Routine Graphic Designer  |  Current Events Graphic Designer

Content Writing 

The Content Writing team is composed of writers and journalists. Members are responsible for preparing written texts for various projects carried out by the organization. Some assignments include article writing and crafting the texts for TL;DR posts.

Content Director 

Text Writer for TL;DR posts(懶人包) |  Writer for Articles

Translation and Editing 

The Translation and Editing department is responsible for the translation of texts from English to Chinese, or vice versa. Likewise, they will be responsible for proofreading and editing written works (i.e. Articles, TL;DR texts, social media posts).

Editor in Chief

Text Editor (English / Chinese)  |  Translator (English / Chinese)

General Research 

Members of the General Research team will be responsible for carrying out intellectually-demanding research tasks. In a way that a “think tank” functions, they will be conducting research into policy areas that require present attention. 


Initial tasks include investigating the factors behind the lack of civic engagement among select populations and determining the mediums of civic engagement for senior citizens.


Other future projects may include observing the dynamics of the media to develop measures for fighting misinformation; we will observe patterns of political participation and voting behavior to establish methods that best cultivate interest and incentivize participation in politics; we will explore the potential of the Taiwanese economy in order to develop a long-term agenda that will attract foreign investors and allow for sustainable economic independence from China. 

Head of Research  |  Researcher


In charge of inter-departmental coordination. When projects require members from across the sub-groups, the operations manager is responsible for ensuring the effective communication between members from different sub-groups. Responsible for holding members accountable to tasks and deadlines.



Operations Manager  |  Accountant 

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