Our Organizational Structure

Currently, Project Taiwan is working within the framework of a basic organization model.

The Core Team | Central group composed of department leaders and key members, collectively responsible for organization-wide coordination and decision-making. 


Rotating Heads System | Certain departments operate on a system with a routine rotation of their respective leadership figures. These departments include Content, Design and Marketing. 


General Members | Volunteer staff members are under the guidance of department leaders. They regularly contribute to and support department and project efforts. 




Using audio podcasts as an alternative form of media for disseminating information and ideas, we seek to engage our listeners with audio sessions of discussions related to societal issues, current events and deliberative democracy. We invite guest speakers onto our podcasts from across the civil society and academic spectrum in Taiwan.


Seeking to create a space for constructive dialogue and civic discourse, we routinely host online deliberative discussions using discussion models that our volunteer staff and researchers construct. These discussion sessions are open to the public and are announced on our social media. 


This section is an overview of our current sub-groups; find detailed description for each position in "View More".

Content Writing

The Content Writing team is composed of writers and journalists. Members are responsible for preparing written texts for various projects carried out by the organization. Some assignments include article writing and crafting the texts for TL;DR posts.

Marketing and Media

Members in Marketing and Media are responsible for public relations (PR) and the management of our social media pages. They are tasked with devising marketing strategies to promote the publicity of our organization.

Digital and Creative Design

The Digital Design department is responsible for generating media and visual content that go along with our content publications and social media posts.


In charge of inter-departmental coordination. When projects require members from across the sub-groups, the operations manager is responsible for ensuring the effective communication between members from different sub-groups. Responsible for holding members accountable to tasks and deadlines.